Pamela Irving Open Studio : fundraiser weekend for MAKE DO TELL 2018

Fabulous artist and our friend Pamela Irving is having an open day at her Studio + Gallery in Bentleigh on 9-10 December.  30% of sales from that weekend will be donated to support Make Do Tell 2018.

Pamela Irving is a renowned artist – you have probably all seen her work in various spots around Melbourne –  with work exhibited and collected all over the world.  Here’s a snippet about her ….

About->Pamela Irving

Pamela Irving has worked as a full time artist for over 30 years. Her sense of humour, love of irony and respect for storytelling are apparent in her varied body of work – from etchings and paintings to large-scale mosaic installations.

Pamela is best known for Larry La Trobe, her bronze dog sculpture, situated in Melbourne, Australia. Larry – her dog-formed alter-ego – has been Irving’s faithful companion throughout her long successful career. Pamela’s art has infiltrated many other public spaces around Melbourne, including her enormous mosaic reverie at Luna Park, titled ‘Dreaming with Open Eyes’.


Christmas is only a few weeks away the open studio is a great time to buy an artwork, sort out Christmas presents  a loved one, and help support Make Do Tell.   What could be better than that?!

Check out Pamela’s website here. 

Come on down on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th – look forward to seeing you.  


2 thoughts on “Pamela Irving Open Studio : fundraiser weekend for MAKE DO TELL 2018

  1. Dear sir / Medam
    Hello sir how are you ?
    We are very happy to here at school zainabad
    You bith are noble work in India & Nepal.
    Thank you so much
    Tarik malik
    Smt.zubeda Begum high school

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