Back to the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nepal

Last year we made a short visit at the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Nepal to work in the Paediatric Oncology Unit. We were amazed to learn how difficult it had been to establish this unit, in a country where cancer treatment has only been available for about 23 years.

Offering cancer treatment to children in a country where so many children die each year from preventable diseases took a great deal of perseverance and tenacity on the part of the doctor with whom we collaborated and will be collaborating this year.

Nonetheless in amongst all the difficulties of running this unit – there is still the capacity to understand the place the arts can take in alleviating the distress of the gruelling treatment – for both patients and their parents, and to seek out artists to run it.

But this is not an unusual story – both in Nepal and India we have worked with a number of organisations who really get that, and actively seek us out.


These programs are funded through the generous support of donors to give to support Make Do Tell; we donate our time.   We always need financial support.  Please consider.


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