How we are doing ….

We are really looking forward to arriving in Nepal in just over one month to start MakedoTell 2018.This is our 6th project as MakedoTell  but not our 6th project in total.  We began our art and drama projects in India, working together with World Vision in 2004, and since then worked with a number of other NGOs (non-government organisations) in India and Thailand.   

Artists in Community International – a tiny organisation, with a great big name – emerged as a claim,  maybe even a plea, for artists to be working in the community and with communities : engaging with them, supporting, educating, inspiring, entertaining.  We believe that creativity, the imagination, and community engagement are fundamental to eudaemonia – human flourishing. The artist plays an important part, through teaching, guiding and inspiring others. The artist offer validation to an individual or communities desires to create and imagine, and in some  places where MakedoTell happens, there is little, or nothing, or nobody else who does that.

Our organisation works very closely with local organisations, hospitals, schools and communities. We are invited by them into their community as they recognise that our skills will assist them to meet their goals.  This might be getting children enrolled into school, and raising awareness around hand-washing and teeth cleaning. In hospitals we give sick children creative opportunities, and help them engage with their  family and staff in a happy way when undergoing gruelling treatment.

In the scheme of things, it is not expensive to run MakedoTell.  Our costs are minimal and the funds we raise are spent on the obvious things, such as fares, accommodation, insurances, materials, etc. We don’t receive a fee for our services although from time to time we are given an honorarium.  In the future, we would love this project to be fully supported and funded.

We are very grateful for the financial support our generous donor have provided to get six MakedoTell projects into the field.  However, we find it very hard to ask people for money and harder to ask the same people for money every year – even when we know lots of you fully support the work and want it to continue.  

Could there be a little easier way to fund it?  Do you know an individual, or an organisation, who sees the value in showing care and compassion to other’s eudaemonia who would support Make Do Tell on a sustainable basis?

We would like to talk to groups or organizations, perhaps individuals, where supporting this project properly is within your means.  Perhaps you are able to fund the entire thing?  The airfares?   Materials and equipment?  Accommodation?   Giving can easy when there is a match between the need and the donor …  perhaps you can find a match with Artists in Community International.  


Anne (+61) 0417 526 636

Alex/Jyoti (+61) 0409 210 202   




 24 November, 2017





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