a teacher with passion for education

Tarif Khan has been part of our projects  since we began running them for the salt pan community more than four years ago.   He has contributed his time, translation skills, insights and considerable understanding and skills in relating to the local people of Zainabad.  

Tarif has an undiminished passion for education as well as for nurturing his community.   In these videos he speaks (in English and Gujarati) about the value of creativity and education in alleviating poverty.


Tarif was an excellent mime at the local salt pan school. Here he is showing the group the effects on his stomach of not washing his hands before eating!


Tarif gently encourages and nurtures children’s creativity and education.

Not only does Tarif support and translate for our projects, he has invited us to teach in the high school where he teaches.  


We have been delighted and surprised to see that the clowning and mime he learnt from Alex is now embedded in his school and teaching life.   There are not so many schools around where a senior teacher will be seen doing this …


He has given us valuable insights into the lives of people in the area of Zainabad – and especially on the place of girls and women in those communities.



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