Swim Ride and Running to support the art projects

We are delighted, honoured and grateful that Mark Tregonning has chosen to support Artists in Community projects through his 2nd triathlon on 10th April. 

Good Luck Mark!

Please read his letter below, and if you are able, support and encourage Mark as he swims, rides and runs – as a clown – to support our on-going work in Nepal and India.


Dear Friends,


I’m going to run my 2nd triathlon to end the summer soon, a “sprint” triathlon as part of the Gatorade Series.  http://www.gatoradetriathlonseries.com.au/race-5/

The distances will be 750m swim / 27 km ride / 5km run.  This is further than I have been in a triathlon – it’s a jump up from my last one!

Like the last one, I’ll be doing it with clown make up and a clown nose. It’s my little contribution to bringing a bit of lightness, play and childlike wonder into the testorone-fuelled world of male endurance sport!


Last time I competed for Anxiety Disorder Group “Adavic”. This time I’m competing in support of the wonderful Artists in Communities International. https://artistsincommunity.me/

This small community organisation is run out of Melbourne by local actor Jyoti Mukherjee (aka Alex Pinder) and artist Anne Riggs.

They’ve been doing awesome work both in Australia and in India and Nepal. I’ve been especially drawn to the “Make Do Tell” project – repeated visits to communities in India and Nepal to work with the poorest street kids to draw them into education.  https://artistsincommunity.me/international-projects-201415/

The pictures of Alex in red nose with young indian kids in the streets of India are just wonderful. I know that Alex and Anne do these trips on shoestring and have no regular government or corporate support so rely on small donations.

So I’m dedicating this Triathlon to them, with their blessing. I’ll create a puffy paint singlet with their details on it and run and bike in it. I encourage you to check out their website and consider making a donation.

*Artists in Communities International is not a registrered charity, so unfortunately donations you make are not tax deductible. Alex encourages anyone considering making a donation to contact them first at their contact page, here:  https://artistsincommunity.me/contact/ He’s happy to answer any questions to potential donors and would give you the paypall details then.


I expect I’ll cross the finish line around 10.30am. Last time the lovely Rachael Morris met me at the finish line and it made SUCH a big difference to see a loving, welcome face. I’d really love it if anyone could make it down to St Kilda to see my do as much of the tri as possible – but *especially* to be there at the finish line!!

It’s quite a carnival atmosphere, there is food to eat there, and pretty fun to lie on the grass relaxing & watch all the (many fit & good looking!) competitors sweat & strut their stuff & perform in each of the 3 disciplines.

Please let me know if you’re planning to be there, or even better if you’re competing too!

Details of the race area here:  http://www.gatoradetriathlonseries.com.au/race-5/

follow Mark and his preparations via his event Facebook page Mark’s 2nd Triathlon – for Artists in Communities International

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