Make do Tell 2017. India

Thank you to those who submitted a proposal to be part of our forthcoming art and drama project, Make do Tell 2017… where we make art do theatre and tell stories.

We will be going to India in January/February to various locations in the state of Gujarat and to Kolkata, West Bengal. Later on we will return to Nepal.

In India, we will be working with a range of communities, organisations and social groups – in schools, university and with individuals who run projects within their community. We will be training students and teachers using the arts in community development and are going back to continue our projects in the saltpans. We are developing an art and a mental health project in Kolkata.

We are excited by this program and the collaboration between artists, social work professionals, students, teachers and their communities.

Once again we will be inviting you to support this project and we will let you know how you can do that in our next posts.



community  work inspired by the artist Paul Klee from our 2016 project


Anne in the school in the salt pans.   Students, their teacher and community leaders watch a demonstration.


Alex working with social work students – using drama in community engagement.


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