Make Do Tell 3 launched

We have launched our fundraising campaign to support the third Make do Tell Project.  We run art and drama projects with communities in India and Nepal and train social workers/students in Nepal.  We hope you will consider supporting us and contributing via this link : Make do Tell.


We work with the salt makers in India and the brick makers in Nepal.   Both of these communities live in extremely challenging circumstances – with little access to education, health services, recreational activities or other social supports.  Many are illiterate.  Our programs introduce them to education, creative thinking and doing, PLUS we have LOTS of fun.   We include all members of the community – so women, children and men, many of  whom have never been to school, all join in.

This year we expect to be working in a new community school recently opened in the desert for the salt pan families.  How exciting!



In Nepal we collaborate with the Urban Environment Management Society (UEMS) in the brick factories. UEMS includes social workers, health workers,  maternal & child workers, and child protection workers, all trying to raise the health and wellbeing of these very marginalised people.

The brick makers come from all over Nepal and parts of India as itinerant workers.   This is back-breaking work.   Many are under-nourished, all are poor, most have never been to school.  Children work in the brick making too.  There are many social issues here – including abuse, child and maternal mortality, poor hygiene and little education.   We work to raise health awareness as well as encourage a love of learning.

Importantly, we inspire creativity and we have fun together.

If you look through earlier posts, you can read about these projects.

Brick workers in Nepal

Part of our program is to work with community leaders, social workers and train social work students.  We also work in local schools and contribute to teachers’ professional development.


We  provide programs that role-model equality for men and women, girls and boys … so important in places where women and girls commonly are offered fewer opportunities to flourish.



going back … Make do Tell 3 

We have many loyal and fantastic supporters who have contributed to two previous Make Do Tell projects.   We consider our supporters are part of Artists in Community International.  

We hope others will consider becoming a supporters too.


Why help

Helping feels great. We donate our arts services. Your donation helps by helping us get to Nepal and India. Your donation buys the materials. Your donation gives the children exposure to a wide range of art and drama projects. Your donation nurtures their childhood and the community and helps put in place the self-confidence that will propel participants forward.

Can you make a donation? and join with other who have already supported our projects?

Go here to contribute.   

Thank you!   Anne and Alex

2 thoughts on “Make Do Tell 3 launched

  1. hello sir and medam
    this project is really very good and
    helpful to poor children’s and local
    community. thanks your are really

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