Getting started … the next MAKE DO TELL

We are currently working out the details of our upcoming Make Do Tell project in Nepal and India. 

In NEPAL : We will be returning to the brick kilns to work with the itinerant worker families who will be struggling even more during this post-earthquake period. We know from UEMS, the organisation with whom we collaborate, that all the brick kiln chimneys were destroyed and one worker killed. They are now in the process of rebuilding and re-establishing production. 

Brick workers in Nepal

On this project, we work closely with UEMS to help develop stronger community links so that adults and children can access health services, improve their health through better hygiene practices, and access education. 

You can read about the Brick kiln projects in our posts  In the Brick Kilns: and Boys Beasts and Painting.

more to come … projects with the Nepal School of Social Work, and with the salt families in India.

Will you support our projects with vulnerable communities? We will launch our funding-raising campaign in October.  Alternatively, you can donate via paypal  Small Buy Now Button


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