A beloved country

We have loved the time  spent in Nepal over the last three years.   We especially love being in Bhaktapur – walking about in this beautiful small city, enjoying the pace of life, the way old and young residents were very present on the streets, the markets, the architecture, and the friendly encounters with the people who live there.  It was a city in which, for both good and not so good reasons, residents live both a modern and medieval life; an entanglement of up to date mobile phone technology for example with washing at the well and weaving on hand looms.

It is a place where the hand of the maker is always present – in the wood carving, the stone work, the pottery, the hand made paper, in the yoghurt making and in the every day way of life.   It was a daily delight to be immersed in the connectivity between where people live, what they eat, what they do, what they make and how they interact – a far cry from our largely homogenised western life style.

It is impossible to imagine or know what we will find when we return … what might have survived, and what will have emerged.  




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