Earthquake : Nepal

The images coming out from the devastation around Bhaktapur where we have our main base in Nepal are heartbreaking to see.   This was a most beautiful place.

When we are in Nepal in December/January each year, it is very typical that there is no mains power for up around 15 hours every day, little or no water at times and often no hot water. Nepal is, in many respects, a country where many of its residents are still living a life people of 200 years ago could largely recognise. It is one of the world’s poorest countries and can be a very challenging place to live, as well as run our art projects for these reasons.

This country is starting from a very under-resourced position with infrastructure that is not capable of meeting its needs in the 21st Century and with a government that has not yet found its way after years of civil war and transition from a monarchy which was almost totally  wiped out by a mass assassination in June 2001.  

These things – and much more – impact Nepal’s capacity to effectively respond to a disaster of this scale.

The Nepalis need help. We are encouraging you to consider donating through the UNATTI FOUNDATION with whom we work – they have people on the ground in Bhaktapur who are already providing food and services to its people from money already donated. This is a very reputable and well organised foundation.

If it is appropriate, we will return to Nepal at the end of the year to continue working with these vulnerable communities.

Some random photos from around Bhaktapur, and the Kathmandu valley from  our 2015 visit

Anne and Alex


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