Comments from the Salt Pans India

In these short videos we hear the voices of  some of the people involved in our projects.   Tariq is a teacher at the local high school in Zainabad, India and has helped us enormously on both our projects in the salt pans.   He translated for us – which is a wonderful gift in itself – but he added to much more with his dedication to the students, and to learning.    The salt pans are about 30km from the village of Zainabad, so Tariq is not involved in the rudimentary education available to the salt pan children.   Tariq donated his time to help us and to help the children learn and enjoy.

The children in this video were part of the  2014 salt pan community art project.   You can see their shyness, and how stark their environment is. Tariq is gently encouraging and translating.

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