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Perspectives on Coping and Resilience

edited by Venkat Pulla, Andrew Shatte and Shane Warren

Coping and Resilience are explored  from diverse perspectives  as chapters were contributed by practitioners and academics from across the globe.  This world-view opens up a broader discussion for the caring professions, and I believe will be especially useful to help students grasp a deeper  understanding of some pressing issues.

I was honoured to be accepted as a contributing author to this book.   My chapter : Out of the Shadows, Into the Light, describes the transformative processes of participating in arts practice for victims of abuse.

The integrity of the Institute of Strength Based Practice was seen in action when I was invited  to design the front cover using an image from one of our projects.  The chosen cover showcased a stunning mosaic created by Gayle Koubwere – a participant on a 2012  arts project for victims of abuse.   The inclusion of Gayle’s work – a beguiling half face of a woman adorned with flowers behind her ear – brought vitality to the cover, as it also brought vitality to the maker of this artwork.  It was truly an example of her coming out of the Shadows and into the Light.

Book is available through and other places too

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Two Trees

Moved by the news and stories of the difficult lives of Afghan people, and especially women, artist and dear friend Gali Weiss responded by collecting together a group  of Australian women artists to create a series of artists books.   These would be sent somehow to Afghan women in Afghanistan as a gift  and as a gesture of solidarity: with a message that we were conscious and empathetic of their plight. Over the years the project has grown from an idea, to an engagement with  the women in Afghanistan, to exhibitions, conference presentations and now the publication of a most beautiful book  TWO TREES.  

The original artists’ books have been purchased by the Queensland Library with the sale price being donated to further support Afghan women literacy projects.   If you are interested and able to purchase the book , the money raised further supports these people.   Purchase one if you can $38.    Available through SAWA Australia

Papers and Journal articles

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PhD thesis

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Community work: Theories, experiences and challenges (2014).

The book is published by Niruta Publications, Bangalore, India. Dr Venkat Pulla and I  co-authored  a chapter for this book entitled Visual and Theatre Arts and Community Development.  I also contributed the art work and design for the front cover.   The artwork comes from a matchbox art project MYSELF MY FAMILY  MY COMMUNITY  I did in 2012 with students at Chisholm Institute, BA Community Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs


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Advancing Mental Health Through Strengths Based Practice

Advancing Social Work in Mental Health Through Strengths Based Practice was formerly launched on Friday 11 June 2014 at the International Social Work Conference, Melbourne.  I had the honour of being invited to design the cover. Its editors (Abraham Francis, Venkat Pulla, Michael Clark, E Susana Mariscal and Ilango Ponnuswami) and chapter contributors are practitioners and academics working across a broad range of mental health fields in a wide range of situations and countries.   Book can be purchased via Dr Abraham Francis









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