Did you know?! Art and its benefits

Art and Drama programs in communities provide many benefits for participants that extends beyond the arts practice itself.  Creativity seeps into every aspect of life – given the opportunity!  We have been providing arts programs in communities for more than twenty years and these are some of the benefits we have observed – you can see the lists are extensive.

Did you know?! Community Health

Did you know?! Education

For those of you who are trying to get arts practice included in your education or health program, you might find these useful to argue your case with the bean counters!!!  We know that art is always vulnerable to funding cuts because some decision makers are  ill-informed of the momentous transformations that happen for an individual or community through arts participation.   There is a growing body of research showing the benefits of the arts and we will be add some here including my (Anne)  PhD thesis, articles, papers and other documents to help strengthen the argument.

We know lots of  artists working in communities, participants, community leaders and support workers will have your own observations and experiences on the benefits of art in everyday life.  We invite you to contribute to our list and share your stories with us.

Photo : Final day with Monsaengdao College, north east Thailand.   This learning centre provides education in arts and agriculture to girls from tribal communities.


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