DARK NIGHTS exhibition

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DARK NIGHTS is an exhibition at the Maroondah Art Gallery bringing together a range of works that considers gender based violence.  My contribution is an installation of works contemplating the on-going impact of childhood abuse, the losses, the grief as well as the frailties that result in unsound homes and parenting. My installation is in the side gallery – please note that this part of the exhibition is only up until Saturday 15 JUNE, after that, only one work will be in the main gallery.

ARTISTS TALK  I am giving a talk at the Gallery on WEDNESDAY 12 June at 2pm .

See attached for opening times and contact details. Also an article from the local paper www.maroondahweekly.com.au/story/1496914/art-as-a-way-out-of-grief I hope you are able to see this exhibition -I believe it makes a valuable contribution to the discussion about violence and abuse and breaking down the silence surrounding it. Anne

DARK NIGHTS invitation

INSTALLATION : Many thanks to Clinton Greenwood the curator at the Gallery for his help and insights.   He is giving some workshops on hanging exhibitions – contact the Maroondah Art Gallery for details. DSC_0030     DSC_0010DSC_0039

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