Women, Menstruation and the Cow Shed. videos in Nepali

Following our recent  5-day ARTS IN COMMUNITY CARE (Suicide Prevention) training for mental health professionals, we have uploaded four short videos of participants rehearsing some social issue scenes.

These scenes respond to a current issue raised by a participant that many Nepali women face at each menstruation.  For 5-7 days they are forced to leave the family home and spend their menstrual time in the cow shed, as they are deemed ‘unclean’.  It is still widely practiced in the west of Nepal.  

We have read that a law has recently passed which forbids this practice from August 2018, although it seems it will be very hard to enforce in the very remote parts of Nepal. More information about this practice can be read here.

These videos are taken from the workshop where participants were exploring how to dramatize social issues.   It is a rehearsal process, not a finished product.

Following these explorations, the groups worked with Alex to enhance these scenes for better communication with the audience.   So dear participants (and others) try to remember :

  • talk less, show more
  • be sure the audience can see and hear you


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