Portraits from the hospital, part 1.

BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital,

Bharatpur.  Chitwan, Nepal


Ten day project in the Paediatric Oncology Ward  (Haemo Unit) and in the Palliative Care / Hospice.  3-13 January  2018.


We ran a short project here early in 2017 and were invited to return for a longer project by Dr Krishshna Sagar Sharma Consultant Paediatrician & Adolescent specialist Consultant Oncologist/ Haematologist/BMT and Palliative Care.  Krishna  is keen to develop a better experience for children and their family and carers whilst children are receiving treatment, or are dying, as well as to provide support for staff wellbeing.   

You may wish to read more background in our posts from last year.


Many parents ask me to take photos of their children and their family members. and children want their photos taken too.  When I can, I print a copy for them, but sometimes I can’t as it can take some days.   But everyone has access to the web … so these photos are mainly for those parents and children.





This project is part of MakeDoTell 2018,  the annual program Artists in Community International run in Nepal and/or India.   The project is funded through the generous donations of our many supporters.   You might consider becoming one.  information here 

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