Kathmandu Slum

We were invited by the Nepal School of Social Work to run an art and drama afternoon with them and some of the local Kathmandu children who live nearby in the slum.  The School of Social Work are trying to engage with the children through a range of projects and to connect them with social work services.  Gaining trust with workers can take time and effort and our project was one step in that process.

The slum occupies a large tract of land which used to be a public park.   It sits beside a barely flowing and putrid river, clogged with plastic and garbage.   Both are amongst the more unpleasant aspects of this poor and mal-functioning city.

As the School of Social Work are in the midst of establishing a cricket club with the slum children,  Alex’s mime session focussed  a little on cricket. It was great fun. I have no cricket knowledge or passion, so the art session was an introduction to drawing and painting.  Creative activities are quite new to these children so our afternoon together was mainly about having fun and helping strengthen the children’s connection with the School of Social Work.

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