Inspired by Klee (3) at the Girls Home

At the same time we were doing the Klee inspired painting/drawing at the Art Centre, we were also doing a similar project at the Unatti Girls Home. As you know, these girls have a loving home, plenty of food and good education to support their development.

As the girls, even the smaller ones (aged 7) knew all the shapes, plus more … hexagon, octagon, pentagon and more, we did not need to spend any time familiarising them with this part of the project and could jump straight into the drawing stage.

We set up three large group works and each group interpreted the idea in their own way.  One was a night scene, another large homes, and the third, aspects of Bhaktapur city.

As the girls had asked me to teach them about water colours in the 2nd stage we all made handkerchief size sketches onto fabric so they could test out their ideas of colour, wash and painting.

Once each group had decided on their colour scheme, it was the joy of painting!   The watery colours are very appealing, especially as they blend with each other.   At this time of the year, the morning and evening light in Bhaktapur is gentle and soft, which is well captured in watercolour.

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