We are totally thrilled to announce that we have reached our target and a little bit more through our MAKE DO TELL campaign. We are both grateful and humbled by the generosity of all those who believe in our work and who have dipped into their wallets and supported it financially.

It means a lot to us – but it will mean even more to the children of Bhaktapur. These children, as you know, have very little access to education or to the joys that childhood should be. Our supporters can feel proud and good for being open-hearted to these children whose plight is largely unknown.

We particularly thank those supporters who helped spread the word about MAKE DO TELL and encouraged others to contribute to it.

We are called Artists in Community International because we believe in the strength of community and we are thankful that you are supporting that sense of community.

Over the next little while and while we are away, we will post updates and photos of the projects.

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