We have a channel on YouTube (artincommunity) where we post videos and photo essays of our art and artists in community work.   Some  videos are of recent work in Nepal and India, whilst others look at people and places through the artist’s eye.  We have also upgraded this blog – so will post them here over the next little while.

We hope that each offers some insight into art and community and the place of artists in the community – and we hope you enjoy them. Market Painting  with Street Children: Nepal : The First in Two Million Years! in the Gujarati Desert

The drumming soundtrack in this slide show was recorded from our bedroom window in Ahmedabad.   We were in Gujarat during the wedding season and drums are a big part of the celebrations.  India  can be incredibly noisy – not only the drum, but traffic, people and building works can make finding a quite creative space almost impossible – nonetheless, within the cacophony creativity does happen! : Pattern : Nepal and India : Nepal : Colour Workshops 1 : In the steps of Rabindranath Tagore

Anne and Alex

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